EC Downtown Farmers’ Market 9/16

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Young Brothers Art Show Attracts UWEC Students to The Goat Coffee Shop

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UW- Eau Claire Sophomores Madeline Mongan and Lindsay Hein read about the featured artist at the Young Brothers Art show.   While looking at the art work displayed on the walls throughout the coffeehouse Mongan explains why she likes the … Continue reading

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Local YMCA Hosts Children’s Triathlon

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Eau Claire Farmers Market Brings Large Crowds to Phoenix Park


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Haymarket Landing Runs Out Of Parking Spaces For Students


There are signs labeled around the building for students and parents to find the parking garage in Haymarket Landing. ©Casey Ryan 2017


The students at Haymarket Landing are hoping to be able to park in the public city garages downtown. This would be a 5 minute walk from the apartment building. ©Casey Ryan 2017


The University is attempting to gain more parking spots through the public city parking in Phoenix Park. ©Casey Ryan 2017


Jon Von-Felld a sophomore at Eau Claire says he bikes to his car to get to work and school. He has to park on residential streets and bike a mile to his car. ©Casey Ryan 2017


Students without a parking spot, find it difficult to find parking on the streets. There are time limits on city streets to park. ©Casey Ryan 2017


The parking garage has 105 garage spots but has 400 students living in the building. Students who have jobs are having to park in residential areas and bike to their cars. ©Casey Ryan 2017


Nathaniel King, a junior bikes to school and work everyday. Many students are finding it difficult to have a car at school without a parking spot option. ©Casey Ryan 2017


Many students are choosing to bike, since the parking spots are full. The bike racks are overflowing, students are finding it difficult to find space for their bikes. ©Casey Ryan 2017

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Sexism in broadcast news

Female journalists have received a lot of backlash for their vocal opinions, particularly in TV reporting. Even when women are fully educated, capable, and deserving of their position, men still feel the need to make them feel less than.

Women are being harassed by men on the air. They’re being taken down by politicians, officials, and even other journalists.

Harassment towards female reporters is something that is increasingly common on cable TV. The Huffington Post wrote an article and created a compilation video showing the blatant disrespect towards women journalists.


One specific example involved Megyn Kelly, a United Sates journalist, and political commentator on FOX News. She was labeled as being, “fascinated by sex” by a politician, Newt Gingrich. Continue reading

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Job shadow: Emily Miels, entertainment reporter

Since I can remember, I’ve wanted to become a journalist. Journalism has always been on my mind and it’s a dream come true that I can make a career out of writing. I knew that I wanted to do something with current events, but I wasn’t sure what that would entail. So, with the help of Emily Miels, I found the type of writing I’d like to focus in on.

Miels graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. She has a degree in journalism and music business. She had always planned to attend the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire because that’s where her sister attended college, but she decided that Oshkosh was the best fit for her, personally.


Emily Miels works in her office at the Leader Telegram. ©2017 Jessica Meyen

Before she joined the Leader Telegram, she wrote for a program called Will Write For Food, as a student journalist. She was a part of the New Richmond News as a summer intern in 2012, a Fond du Lac reporter in 2013, and an Advance-Titan editor for 3 years. She even  worked as a social media intern for the Oshkosh Door Company.

One of the most interesting aspects of her preprofessional experiences, in her opinion, was when she went to a homeless shelter in Florida for 3 days. She lived there and reported about particular instances in the shelter and the people that lived there.

In January of 2014 Miels graduated from college and in February of 2014 she got hired as a reporter at the Leader Telegram. In December of 2014 she joined the entertainment section.

The reason I chose to shadow an entertainment reporter, is because that’s what I want to do in the future. And Miels made me certain about my decision.

When I asked her about her job at the Leader Telegram she gave me a plethora of tasks that she deals with on a weekly basis. The list was exhaustive.

She handles 5 entertainment pages per week. She has 3 stories due on Sundays and 2 stories due on Thursdays. She covers all local stories. She even has a weekly event calendar that helps her keep track of everything.

Some of her favorite projects in Eau Claire include covering the music festivals, the community theater shows, and the jazz programs.

I appreciate the opportunity to shadow such an accomplished reporter. I take all of her advice that she gave to heart because she achieved her goal, like I one day hope to achieve my goal.

She acquires her success to her many writing experiences before she went in to the real world. Miels expounds on the importance of internships in the clip.

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