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The thing I found interesting during class was the ways of organizing stories and the common “shapes” used to help visualize it. These shapes [The Inverted Pyramid, The Martini Glass, and The Kabob] contribute to specific types of story. In the case of the Inverted Pyramid, it is the most basic model and is commonly used for news briefs and stories about breaking news events. On the downside, it cannot be used for anything else. How the Inverted Pyramid works is by starting with the story’s most important facts, followed by other key facts, and finishing with minor details until the writer runs out of interesting things to say. The Martini Glass (also known as The Hourglass) is best for crimes, disasters or other dramatic news stories where the readers will want a chronological understanding of what had occurred. It works by having an eye-catching lead, followed by key facts (in the form of the Inverted Pyramid), the chronological order of events, and the “kicker” (surprise twist or strong closing quote). Lastly, the Kabob, also known as “the Wall Street Journal formula or the Circle,” is best for stories that have a trend and explains how it affects or involves actual people. It starts with the anecdote (a short interesting quote or fact about a specific person), a nut graf (a paragraph explaining the value of the story), the “meat” or important information, and closing with another anecdote.
In our class and in our labs, these methods are useful because they act as a mnemonic device. Mnemonic devices, such as a picture, are used to help people remember things easier. In this case, the device will help us understand what format to use for a specific story. Currently, we are working on writing our Job Shadow Projects, where we have to shadow a person for at least four hours of their work day and write about it. For this project, I think I will be focusing on the Kabob method because I am focusing on an actual person and will be discussing things that occur throughout their day. Without learning the types of formats in class, I would be very confused on how to work on the project and for that reason, I think it is important to learn about them in class.

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Just Local Food is becoming more local

by Emily Geving

Just Local Food is preparing for a big relocation and expansion in October of 2018. A co-op with humble beginnings as a farmer’s market stand and milk delivery service, it moved to its current brick and mortar location in 2009. The 2,000 square foot shop on Farwell Street is moving to downtown Water Street with the aim of better serving the community. “We’ve outgrown this space,” says associate Karin Kircher. “We can’t be a full functioning grocery store where we are now.” The new 10,000 square foot space residing on the ground floor of student apartment building Aspenson Mogensen will offer a deli and ready-to-go meals.



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Backstage peek at McDonell School’s new production of ‘Wizard of Oz’

By Adrianna Packiewicz

The production of “Wizard of Oz” opened on Friday, Feb. 2 and is performed at McDonell High School in Chippewa Falls. The play is talked about at the best local school musical in years. All the faculty members, including the director, Susan Decker, and the band conductor, Sean Hanson, have been working on McDonell musicals for decades. This year many alumni also got involved. Decker reached for help to Frank Rineck and Abigail Wild, both log-time actors. “Wizard of Oz” is a wonderful production engaging not only middle and high school students but also many of their family members and friends. It truly portrays the spirit of community McDonell stands for. The tickets can be found on http://www.mcdonellareacatholicschools.org/.


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A Passion For Politics

By Kinsey Johnson

Jacob McGuire arrived as a freshman at UW-Eau Claire in 2015 with one goal: Become Eau Claire’s College Dems president.

In December of 2017, McGuire voluntarily stepped away from the position he once longed for, hoping to explore new ways to be involved with the Democratic Party. “For a year and a half, I was lucky enough to serve as president of the organization,” McGuire said, “Recently, I was termed out from that position, but I have remained active within the College Dems. I’m planning on staying involved in the party in any way that I can.”

As his first semester since resigning, McGuire has remained involved with the Democratic Party through Emily Berge’s first campaign for Eau Claire City Council District One. He will be working with her until April third, and plans to help with a state assembly race directly following.

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The Mythical Winter Carnival

By Oliver Armstrong

The Winter Carnival is a yearly event hosted by Michigan Technological University in Houghton, Michigan to celebrate the winter season. It is one of the largest winter celebrations in the country, drawing visitors from across the nation. This year’s theme of mythology and folklore is celebrated in the students’ sculptures throughout campus. The Carnival consists of a sculpture walk, broomball, dog sledding, sleigh rides, a fireworks show, and much more. The event lasted from last Thursday through Sunday.


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Cabin Singer/Songwriter Contest

By Dylan Genrich

On February 11th, 2018, the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire held a singer and songwriter bash in the “Cabin” room of the Davies building, at which students of UW Eau Claire could share their original music and talent. The winner of the contest would receive a paid performance in the cabin at a later date. Three contestants: Annika Angelo, Patric Tillory and Geoff were the three contestants of the night. The opportunity was open to all who wished to participate, on a walk-in, sign-up basis.



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Student Fellowship on Eau Claire Campus

By Grace Clemens

Intervarsity is a Christian fellowship that is organized by college students living a Christ like lifestyle. Large Group meets in Schofield hall for community fellowship on Monday nights at 7 pm. During this time students are able to participate in worship and listen to guest speakers such as Jenna Smith. Currently leaders are taking the students through the book of Mark and discussing how to make campus a mission field.

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