News coverage has changed over the past few decades and this is mostly due to technology and social media. Recent technology has made it easier to access news in different forms. Social media helps news spread faster.

Technology has changed news coverage because a few decades ago, in order to access news you would have to purchase a newspaper or watch television. Today, even when people are not around televisions, computers, or news papers, you can still access news through your cell phone. It has also been easier to access news papers and such online because it is free and the majority of America does not have a lot of time to sit down, buy a paper and read it when busy schedules are involved. Is the fact that news is easier to access through technology a good or bad thing?

Social media has also been a large factor in news coverage changing overtime. Today, if interesting/tragic happens, it gets around a lot faster through texting or posts on social media websites. The most common way to share news is through social media websites such as facebook or twitter. If important events are happening though the community these social media outlets are often used. Another social media outlet is youtube. When it comes to news coverage, youtube generally has several sources. This allows people to watch news stories when they have time. Social media has made it easier to communicate news better. In a way, social media has helped news coverage; do you believe news papers or old school journalists feel the same? Is social media a good thing to use for a news outlet?


About cassandraraezopfi

I am a sophmore at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. I am 5'5 with brown hair and green eyes. I am a public relations major and I enjoy hanging out with friends, traveling and having fun. I also enjoy taking pictures.
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