Long-form sports journalism disappearing

ESPN News Room ©ESPN. All Rights Reserved Photo Rich Arden

When it comes to sports and sports news, America loves its ESPN, whether because of its entertaining analysts and anchors or because it is the worldwide leader in sports.   ESPN is taking away from the traditional long form of sports writing.  Sloansportsconference.com wrote in one of its articles called “Future of Sports Journalism,”  “The commissioning of long form sports writing is becoming increasingly rare, as more and more traditional sports journalists must instead compete with torrent of real-time and breaking information communicated via television, blackberry, blog, and from the athletes and leagues themselves.”

Another article in the Salt Lake Tribune quoted Mitch Albom when he tells reporter Ben Fulton that, “he’s worried about the future of sports journalism, given the increasing emphasis of live footage in lieu of print stories.”

There is a danger in the fact that the traditional form of capturing sports news and events is deteriorating and on the verge of becoming extinct.  People want their news on the fly.  They don’t have time to sit down and read a newspaper article and why would they when they can just flip on ESPN or go online to get up to date coverage. But, there is a problem with speedy news coverage.  The Long Form of writing is an art, points out Mallary Jean Tenore and if it is lost forever we may lose the work quality  in the real-time quick coverage.

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