Print news outlets continue move to online

Print media has been around for a long time. Then came the advent of digital media and now, thanks to that, print media is on the decline as more and more readers as well as advertising agencies make the switch to digital media.

The steady decline in print media’s popularity and its revenue is no urban myth as most readers are adapting to new technology.

According to an article by UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, some newspapers were forced to make changes to their newspaper, making them smaller and shorter due to the decrease in revenue. Others were stopping production of their least profitable daily editions and moving them online.

A study by the Pew Research Center’s Project of Excellence in Journalism shows the increasing revenue in digital media from advertising over the past few years.

The chart above shows that print media in the United States lost a significant amount, compared to digital media that has been doing steadily well. This shows that there are still some people reading print media but have become more inclined to reading the online version in recent years.

Many newspapers are also trying to generate larger readership by having an online website as well as printed newspaper. Though this may seem like a solution, the statistics show otherwise. Research by Pew Research Center’s Project of Excellence in Journalism indicates that even though revenue is generated through digital media, it’s not enough to cover the losses of print media.

In addition to their revenue, newspapers are losing their young readers as well.

Most people think that young readers do not read the news. Truth is, most teenagers do, they just do not read the printed form. Most teenagers these days get their news from online websites of the news brands that are popular in print such as Washington Post and the New York Times.

With the decreasing number of readers, especially from the younger generation, it is no surprise that many wonder how long print media will last.

I-May Choo

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