Modern journalists are reporters and programmers?

Remembering that every journalist is a reporter at heart is important as the industry adapts to the ever-changing multimedia now available, says journalist Sara Ganim in the online American Journalism Review.

“Forget the title. Stop. Throw that out the window.”

Smart phones offer a wide array of technology.

Smart phones offer a wide array of technology.

Many journalism students are recognizing the need to have a variety of multimedia skills. Some have gathered quite an array of special talent. Still, at the core of any journalistic outlet is the need for solid reporting skills. The ability to relay the news in a professional way is vital to success.

Once a foundation of basic reporting skills is in place, there are many areas of multimedia for a journalist to learn about. Bob Cohn, who does editorial work for The Atlantic, points out one area that may not be as common for a recent undergraduate: web coding.

The importance of knowing how to program technology is underlined in a video put out by The company was started to promote computer programming education, according to their “About” page located on their website.

The Importance of Programming

The opening quote in the video comes from the late Steve Jobs, and emphasizes why knowledge of programming is so vital.

Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple.

Steve Jobs, the creator of Apple.

“Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

The ability to program is not necessarily the first skill to come to mind when discussing the attributes of a successful young journalist. However, the current journalism industry is suffering because many legacy newspapers were not staying ahead of the curve. For journalism to prosper, reporters will have to continue learning new skills. More than that, they will have to find ways to apply them to the process of reporting news.

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