Muck Rack helps reporters navigate social media

Twitter is a fantastic way for journalists to find sources, post about their upcoming stories, and much more. Yet how do you separate accurate content from the sources with less integrity?

The answer is Muck Rack. This site verifies journalists, who are on Twitter, and allows users to read and search for what they are saying about the news. Muck Rack was founded by Gregory Galant and Lee Semel in early 2009. According to Courtney Boyd Myers, East Coast Editor of The Next Web, the goal in the beginning was to “deliver a glimpse of tomorrow’s newspaper to you today.”

However, the website has evolved into much more than that. “We really want to encourage really good communication between journalists, their readers, and people who want to get covered,” said Muck Rack founder Greg Galant.

Journalists can benefit in a multitude of different ways by signing up. According to Terri Thornton, owner of Thornton Communications, Muck Rack has about 10,000 journalist profiles online from a variety of news organizations.

This extensive membership allows journalists to keep tabs on their beats and competition. They can also find sources and break news in the most effective way, after learning what works from Muck Rack’s analysis.

Anyone interested can use the site to filter through all of the tweets and posts by journalists to find the stories that they are looking for. According to Myers, the most helpful feature is a tracking tool that emails users when journalists tweet about relevant terms.

Lastly, the site launched Muck Rack Pro, a version of Muck Rack geared toward other communications professionals to connect them with the right journalists. In this way, PR pros can avoid wasting time by pitching to the wrong journalists. As Myers covers in her article, you can also get alerts for when journalists are talking about your company or brand.

Terri Thornton interviews the founder of Muck Rack about the websites beginnings and how it has evolved.

-Erin Dillon

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