Fashion journalism field competitive

Fashion journalism is a category of its own in the world of writing. Writing for fashion goes much deeper than just the clothes. It covers a whole variety of subjects. And it’s growing away from being just a beat to its own field of study.

Fashion is a whole realm of cultural studies. It’s sociology. And it’s psychology.

A 2012 study in the Journal of Cultural Science explores the value of fashion journalism. Too often, it is painted with a view of being vain and negative body satisfaction that the business is not judged a vital part of journalism.

Fashion reporters are expected to perform just as hard writers would. They need leads, feature articles, reviews, analyses, business, and consumer reports. They also face the same criticism: avoid clichés, do the research, report facts, don’t include bias.

But it is also different. They serve a purpose to guide consumers with their wardrobe. Someone can graduate with a degree in journalism and write for sports, health, politics, and so on. But it is not the same for fashion. This type of journalism is becoming a genre of reporting that may soon require a degree of its own.

The study highlights how fashion journalism is powered by cultural studies. This is because the genre draws attention to themes not explored in other beats. Themes fashion journalism explores are gender, body, consumerism, different cities, and language—all crucial to developing identity.

What fashion sociological and psychological?

Fashion plays a role in social development, representing the transitional stage humans make in a visual form. According to Sociology Guide, fashion satisfies a demand for conformity and novelty—news people can enjoy. It’s also news with impact, fitting with Psychology Today. Research shows people pay closer attention to those they find attractive and see them as being more organized.

The world of fashion reporting is just as demanding as other journalism duties. As an emerging profession, many are unaware of its potential. Some doubt in its value, with a lack of “professional image,” but fashion journalism continues to be a growing market.

London College of Style

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