Social media advances sports journalism

In today’s world, people rely on the internet for news and updates about their favorite sports teams. More specifically, they are turning to social sites like Twitter, Facebook and

Social media is making it possible for journalists to communicate back-and-forth. This means anything from quoting players to giving fans quick and easy access to information.

© Cleveland Indians 2013

© Cleveland Indians 2013

These social media accounts are what keep these fans involved. According to an infographic from Burst Media, 45% of 18-35 year olds follow sports teams online and 35% of them use social media sites to regularly comment or share sports content.

Professional sports teams are embracing the rapid rise of social media. The Cleveland Indians have invested in a “social media suite” for journalists and fans to have access to wireless internet while the game is going on. This social media strategy allows people to update their profiles as soon as a play or injury occurs.

Curtis Danbury, Indians senior director of communications said, “This has given us a tangible platform to show our commitment to the social media space.”

The Cleveland Indians are not the only team embracing social media. All 32 National Football League (NFL)  teams have a Twitter and Facebook account. It is hard to stay up to date with all of the sports news if you do not have one of these major social media accounts. “It (social media) is a huge plus for us and its a way the game grows,” NFL commish Roger Goodell said, “It’s the way our world is going.”

In the future, social media could possibly dominate traditional broadcasting. How far will social media go?

-Sarah Solper

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