Social media is the new journalism

Today, social media is among one of the most important parts of a person’s life. Social media usage varies within age group. Statistics have shown that social media is more popular within the ages of 18-29. Apparently, 50 percent of people receive their news from social media sites.

It seems as though newspapers are no longer the primary source of how the public gets news. When looking at the new generation, social media has become an easy way of receiving news. Has real journalism come to its end? Do people still read pages of papers to receive news or do they rely on easier solutions such as social media and other media sources?

There are pros and cons when it comes to using social media to produce information. The image below shows how social media can be a good and bad way of exposing news.


Social media has grown to be a significant way of receiving information. With social media being a prominent way of receiving information, news can be revealed within 140 characters. The hardest thing is whether or not we know if it’s accurate. How often do you read the news?  Do you pay to receive the news through paper instead of receiving it through free online social networks?

When using social media to expose news, readers want to know if it’s a credible news source. Twitter has developed a verified badge to distinguish real accounts from fake accounts. Not everyone can have a verified badge. The Twitter team does a close job at verifying accounts so when a reader decides to receive their news from a tweet, they can determine whether or not the source is credible.

Social media is always limited to the information that is given. The information given must be accurate information. We all understand as though we are all be picked up by the same bus, but we do not have the same attitude when reading an article. Social media is the same way.

-Jolie LyFoung

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