Broadcast journalism job outlook improving

News Room

When you think of the word broadcast the first thing that most likely comes to your mind is the anchor that reports the news live to the station’s viewers. But there are more jobs in the broadcast sector that aren’t usually thought of and the trends in those careers are changing.
According to the Labor of Bureau of Statistics in 2010 the median pay for broadcast was $36,000 per year, about $17.31 an hour. There were a total of 58,500 broadcast jobs in 2010 and the job outlook decreased by six percent, leading to a job increase of 3,200 jobs. Although between 2010 and 2020 the jobs are supposed to increase by ten percent. Announcers in radio specifically earned $27,010 in 2010, about $12.99 an hour. But, there were a larger number of announcers at 61,900. The job outlook for the future was at seven percent which is slower than average but the number of announcers increased but 4,100 jobs. Total occupations are up 14 percent for all announcers of all types. Competition is more competitive in larger metropolitan areas. shows the hourly rates, vacation time, minimum and maximum amount for a broadcast journalist, bonus pay and more.
Being a reporter or any announcer in the broadcast sector aren’t the only jobs considered part of broadcast. There are many other job openings that are part of the broadcast sector which require a broadcast or communications major and various other majors. Jobs in the broadcast field include, station manager, music director, news director, camera men and women, sports director, editor, account executive and more. Career Page ( lists the many jobs that are found in the news room and in the broadcast sector.
But the from between now and 2020 the many careers in broadcast are predicted to go up and more and more jobs in the sector will be opening and available.

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