Female news anchors endure sexism

Often when we sit down to watch the news we encounter two very different looking people. One of them is a beautiful woman with immaculate hair, makeup and clothes. The other is man that could be fat, skinny, old or young.

Fox News Anchors Megyen Kelly and Bill O'Reilly

Fox News Anchors Megyen Kelly and Bill O’Reilly

In today’s socially constructed world, the idea of what is feminine is taken to a whole new level. Suddenly smart, educated women are being criticized because of the way they look and Anchorman doesn’t seem so far fetched of a movie. Before female anchors go on air, they spend time getting their hair and makeup done while their clothes for the day gets selected.  Fox female anchors in particular have “Fox Glam” which includes heavy makeup and stiff hair.  Even after spending time to gussy up, some female anchors still face criticism over looks that they cannot change.

While on air, many females are not respected as journalists but as pieces of visual art. In some cases viewers watch not to see the news but if to see whether or not blazers should be kept in the news industry, if their skirts are too short or if their shirts are to low. News is no longer about telling the people what is happening at home or around the world. It’s about who is wearing what and how well kept hair and makeup looks.

Another form of sexism that female anchors face is being disrespected during interviews. Often times when a female is holding the interviews she is talked over or the answers have nothing to do with the questions. Also, some males feel the need to make sexist jokes if a female is talking about a “masculine” story.

Something a lot of viewers would like to see is news done right. In other words, next time you watch GMA or The Today Show, pay attention to what the anchors are saying, not how they look.

Emily Bartels

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