Reaching Millenials through Journalism

While conducting research on how the media should be reaching millenials through journalism, I found myself searching for the answers I expected. I hoped to find hard data and statistics on the technology platforms likely to reach millenials with news.

Quite to my surprise, the results I found focused on how to reach millenials through content and abstract ideas. Less surprisingly, I found that my personal research techniques and reactions to the data reflected exactly what it was illustrating to me. I picked out 2 techniques to reach millenials that really hit home with me, a fellow millennial.

  1. The Lists.

“There are also, of course, the dreaded lists. Millenials love them, the panelists agreed, partly because of mobile,” said Tim Nudd in his article “The Sweet, Funny, Listy Ways of Getting Millenials to Love You,” from

We love lists. They are short, easy to read, and get the point across. I found myself absentmindedly sifting through the assorted ‘Top 10 Lists’ linked on the side of the page as I’m reading the article. We have so much social intake coming in at all times, whether it’s from the internet, a social media platform or in person, that simple lists make it easy for us to cover as much informational ground as possible.

  1. Content that makes us “feel”.

Millennials are nostalgic. We love articles, movies, news stories that make us feel good. We like to know we are helping people. [Many of us] are forwarding thinking on ideals such as gay rights.

To give an example, on Wednesday, Sept. 11, a video was posted on Youtube of a gay marriage proposal at a Home Depot in Salt Lake City. In the video, a flash mob performed a dance to an upbeat song while family and friends said hello to the camera.  According to David Mathews of Yahoo News, the video had more than 1 million views by Friday, Sept. 13, just two days later. The video was trending on both my Twitter and Facebook feeds, which naturally lead me to watch it.

Is it ironic that my post is in the format of a list? I think not! Of course there are other techniques that keep millennials (including myself) hooked as well – such as ‘don’t dumb down the message’, and ‘use wit and humor’, explained more in depth in the article “5 Secrets to Communicating Effectively with Millenials” by Kathleen Davis. Reaching millenials is not a hard task, but it does require a unique approach

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