Social media makes an impact on fashion journalism

Fashion journalism has always been as focused on the medium as it has been about the fabric. As social media creates various new outlets fashion journalism is changing to keep up w©2012 Emily Maree ith the trends. Fashion journalism, which was once only focused on print media such as magazines, has turned into a viral business thanks to social media.

Fashion journalists are like many hard journalists in that they work to cover the latest looks, trends, and news in the fashion industry. There are many different positions available in fashion journalism such as print writer, photographer and recently the digital journalist.  Digital fashion journalism is a growing field. Many of the journalists are self-employed or work freelance.

The problem that fashion journalism is having with social media is similar to what other journalists face. According to New York Times fashion journalists are dealing with new ©2012 Amanda JakubikStreet Style” (photos of what people are wearing out on the street) blogs. Before the rise of social media only a few crews were outside fashion shows but now numerous people wait outside to try and get a shot in to get their blog recognized.

©2012 Amanda Jakubik

Tim Blanks, editor-at-large for, talks about how street style is impacting fashion journalism in the short video Take My Picture.

“In a funny way [street style] is empowering but it’s empowering in the way that reality TV is empowering,” Blanks said. “It makes monsters. It doesn’t make gods.”

It is an easy way for many to get into fashion journalism by creating a blog. Blogs cover a variety of things that are sometimes missed in print media. The chart on DigitallyLUX shows that there are four genres of fashion blogs.

According to Private Media Editor, Melinda Oliver, traditional print magazines have stepped up their online presence to keep up with the trends. Many fashion magazines invite bloggers to write columns and features in their blog style.

Social media is allowing outlets for people to write, photograph, and document their experiences with fashion. The problem is finding what separates good fashion journalism from everyday blogs or social media posts.

By Amy Bruzda

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