Women journalists make gains in covering sports

On September 6, 1920, the first radio broadcast of a sports event. On August 26, 1939, Red Barber called the first televised pro baseball game. For as long as there have been sports, there have been sports journalists.

For decades, men have been interviewing athletes and calling sports games. Television has given us an inside look at the locker room after games, and journalists have given one on one interviews with the star athletes. But how many of those journalists were women?

For so long sports were viewed as a man’s thing. Back in the old days, only men’s sports were popular. Woman had no place in the sports world or man’s world. Eventually women were hired by companies to be journalists, but there was a major hurdle for them. During this time, some men had the view that women were not allowed to go into locker rooms.

ESPN created a documentary called “Let Them Wear Towels”, and showed it on television. It shed some light on what women were going through as well as what some of the men thought about them. Some men were for women getting to go into locker rooms and doing their job, but many thought it should be a man’s world only.

Here is a video that interviews a few of the women broadcasters now, and they reflect on how far we have come.


Current day now, men and women are treated equally in the journalism world, more than in the past. When you watch SportsCenter today, so many anchors are women. Women have come along way in the sports world, and it is likely that viewers will see more and more women covering stories.

-Pete Winslow

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