Tips offer helpful advice for student journalists

Journalism may be one of the more demanding university majors, but journalism students can survive-and even thrive-if they keep a few things in mind in pursuit of becoming a  journalist.

  1.  Understand and accept the workload.

Journalism is a profession that runs on being 100 percent accurate 100 percent of the time. In a profession where you are constantly on deadline, work to set aside distractions to get your work done on time. While journalism may seem like a typical job, the hours you put in are anything but typical. Expect to work nights, weekends and be ready to cover all news whenever it arises.

2. Get work experience everywhere you can.

There is nothing more exciting than getting involved in something that will benefit your future. As a journalism student, there are countless ways to get involved. On campus you can join the school newspaper or  TV broadcast station. All of the organizations out there will provide you with excellent work experience in the journalism field.

3. Get acquainted with all social media sites.

Twitter, Linkedin, WordPress and countless other sites are great tools for an aspiring journalist. Using the functions of each can put you a step ahead of your competition as a journalist. Be proactive when using these sites, and understand how their use will be viewed by future employers. Networking is a great way to get yourself out there and show everyone the work you’re capable of.

4. Practice, practice, practice.

We’ve all heard it before, practice makes perfect. There is no way you can expect to be a successful journalist overnight. Get associated with all types of journalism and write as much as you can. Recognize your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, find your niche and go out and be the best journalist you can be.

Andy Waselchuk

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