5 tips offer key to successful journalism career

For students across the country hoping to commence a career in journalism, the following five tips will set you on the right track.  In any career field you are encouraged to do what you love; this is especially true for journalism. The first tip for aspiring journalists is to write about what you love. Your passion will drive you. The more driven and interested in a topic you are, the more exuberant your writing will be.

At this age, students must embark at the beginning in hopes of climbing to the top. Tip number two is be willing to start small. You need to accept the likelihood that you will not achieve a job at the New York Post fresh out of college. Work with the campus newspaper, local newspapers, and community publications. The main point is to insert your work wherever it can be published.

“There’s no such thing as a good story on the first floor. It’s always on the fourth or fifth floor.” Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and New York columnist, Jimmy Breslin, provided this piece of advice to a group of young, aspiring journalist students. “Don’t use the phone. Go and see them,” he added. The third tip, illustrated by Breslin, is to use your feet. Being proactive allows you to obtain the information you need. Additionally, by going the extra mile you may gain inside knowledge that other journalists or reporters will forfeit.

pic         Technology allows new news delivery methods, and in order to remain relevant you need to modernize. Tip number four is start a blog. Get your opinion out there. Demonstrate your writing skills and share what you love with the world. The final tip to become a successful journalist: master multimedia. If you can successfully write a story, take supplemental pictures and videos, and add a voiceover, you can cover any event. Your audience will be far more captivated by animated addition to the standard print.

The field of journalism is evolving right before our eyes. What more can you do to become one of the best journalists of our time?

Vanessa Lloyd

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