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America fascinated with celebrities

Many Americans today care more about the lives of celebrities in Hollywood than global issues affecting people all over the world. When major things happen in the news, you can bet that people will be talking about it. It will … Continue reading

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Movies portray unethical journalists

Hollywood has portrayed journalists as unethical people in movies for many years now. This negative image of journalists is constantly shown to the public through film. The journalist characters tend to be people who engage in unethical behavior in order … Continue reading

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Journalism lacks minority professionals

America is a “melting pot” of different races and cultures, but how much of the pot is being represented in newsrooms across the country? The minority population in The United States has risen approximately 10 percent in the past 20 years. … Continue reading

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Journalists use Twitter to whine about Olympics

Is the plumbing in Russia more newsworthy than the competing Olympic athletes or the politics of Putin? If you were on Twitter prior to the start of the games you may have thought so. When journalists started arriving in Sochi, … Continue reading

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Newspapers face uncertain future

Reading a newspaper on a city park bench or bus, might be a prehistoric concept to the younger American public. As smartphones and tablets take over  society, “Few believe that newspapers in their printed form will survive,” writes  Erick Alterman, journalist … Continue reading

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Turn your journalism interview into a job

Today, becoming a journalist can be difficult. According to a writer for CNN Money, Wenqian Zhu, a study in 2012 was done at the University of Georgia that found roughly 66 percent of journalism graduates landed a full-time job six … Continue reading

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When does celebrity journalism become gossip?

(video from E! Entertainment Youtube Channel) “Who are you wearing?” is the million-dollar question on every red carpet around the world. Fashion designers’ names drop like flies as their creations are flaunted on every star and starlet. A celebrity’s baby … Continue reading

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