Tips offered for student journalists

Students who decide to major in journalism can expect to receive a diverse education and gain skills in many unique disciplines such as journalism, marketing, public relations, and English. Journalism students may find that journalism is an extremely demanding major. However, students can succeed if they heed the following tips during their pursuit of a journalism degree.

1. Read the News

It may sound like common sense but reading the news daily will benefit your future career tremendously. Reading the news not only allows you to keep up with current events, it also will teach you how to write news properly. Additionally, you may gain inspiration for future articles from reading different news sources.

2. Look for Opportunities to Gain Experience

Journalism is a highly competitive field. In order to set yourself apart from other job-seeking journalists, it is important to have additional experience on your résumé. Journalism students can gain valuable experience by contributing to their school newspaper, working in the school writing center, or participating in an internship with a local newspaper or TV broadcast station. It is important to research outside work opportunities to determine which one is best suited for you.

3. Make Strong Connections

This should go without saying, but networking is crucial in journalism. Contacts are where news tips, quotes, verification, and story ideas usually come from. Additionally, you are much more likely to land a job or an internship if you have strong references backing up your résumé.

The following video from Maggie Meyer demonstrates the importance of creating and maintaining strong connections. Please click on this alternative link if the video doesn’t open.

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