Getting news from social networks: Turns out I’m not alone

As a young adult, I am sure I am not alone when I say I am on Facebook and Twitter way too much. I use these websites mostly for their intended use which is keeping up with friends and family, posting pictures, things of that nature. But I also don’t think I am the only one who says I get a majority of my news from these social networks.

Besides getting texts from my mother about which celebrity just died, I mostly get my news from Facebook and Twitter. Personally, the news that shows up on my news feed is news that I am interested in. I think this is because it is also the news that my friends are interested in.

Actually, I know I am not a lone on this. did some research about who gets their news from social networks and which networks they are getting them from. It turns out that 52% of Twitter users and 47% of Facebook users get their news from these sites.

Surprisingly, the people getting their news from these cites aren’t even my age! 39% of people aged 30-49 get their news from Facebook, compared to only 34% of people aged 18-29. That study can be found here.

I see stories posted by my friends, or posted by the friends of my friends and usually I will stop wasting time looking at pictures or playing Candy Crush to ready an article.

I have noticed that most of these stories have something to do with social issues. They are usually about things like gay marriage, civil rights, and other social topics. Now that I have actually stopped to think about it, doesn’t it make sense that the news shared on social networks pertains to social issues?

I don’t just read the news that my friends share. On twitter I follow a few reporters from CNN and other network news stations. By following these people on twitter, it makes me feel better about getting my news from social networks.

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