Newspaper calls Twitter a threat to journalism

The Australian newspaper published an editorial describing Twitter as “a path to ruin” for journalists. The editorial does not deny Twitter as being a great platform for journalists in terms of marketing, but could it be affecting the future of news reporting? When journalists write a news story, it must be objective, truthful, and fair. Does Twitter give too much opportunity to sway from the truth? Is it distracting journalists from getting out into the world and physically gathering information? The editorial refers to Twitter as being a cause for the news media facing the challenges of falling revenue due to distracted audiences and a loss of skilled practitioners.


Many people would have a different opinion about Twitter than the editorial. There are many journalists that believe Twitter has been valuable to journalism and is a powerful tool to be utilized. Like any tool, there are dangers, but journalism needs to grow and progress with technology and social media. It is adding diversity and keeping the newsroom updated with the current and future times while contributing a greater amount of material to be shared. Twitter has even been able to help people by getting the news to them as it’s happening. An example of this would be during the Boston Marathon. Many people showed support for the victims and remember the incident from Twitter’s #BostonStrong trend. Bostonstrong The use of hashtags and trends allow people to connect and see what’s going on in the world. Twitter allows everyone to receive breaking news quickly and gives them instant ability to continue the conversation. It allows journalists to network and gives them an opportunity to respond to criticism. As long as someone is able to find reliable sources, the benefits of Twitter shouldn’t be disregarded because there are people out there that write bogus.

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