Journalism moves to mobile devices

Mobile applications are becoming a popular choice with news consumers causing journalists to move news stories into mobile applications.

An example of how the mobile news is taking over is CNN, their mobile application has been downloaded 42 million times, with 12 million of those times occurring in 2013 alone. Combined with this 40 percent of CNN’s site traffic came from mobile devices, this is an unprecedented show of mobile news aptitude.

The New York Times has also created a mobile application. They have customized it for what device a person is using. For example, in the Android application it has features such as the breaking news alerts, night mode, and having your text read out loud to you. Each device has a different range of features which can be found on their site.

The Indianapolis Star also follows the mobile trend by recently updating their website and creating mobile applications for both iPad and Android users. The iPhone application was also updated to help current users. The “IndyStar App” hopes customers enjoy the new digital lineup as they move more into the digital world, while still keeping their print publications.

These are only three of many news systems that are moving into the mobile world to keep up with current times. In some colleges they have even created courses to help future journalists and coders prepare for application design. One such college is the University of Texas at Austin. In this video they show a specific course taught by a journalism professor and with both computer science and journalism students in it.

With both future and current journalists looking into it the mobile application looks like a place for the future of journalism.

— Jennifer Bagley

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