Vietnam war changed journalist/military relationship

Throughout history, citizens have relied on journalists to provide truthful information about wars and international war news. In the modern era, the media plays an increasingly significant role in warfare. In 1973, there was a change in the relationship between the media and military and their dealings for the safety of the country.
There is always a deep relationship between journalism and the military. Journalists are responsible for providing authentic and accurate news to the general public, whereas the military’s role is to serve and protect the general public. However, the desire of the media to tell the public what is happening around the world can often conflict with the government’s ability to limit public information. It is understandable that in different situations, governments may feel the need to keep current events and discussions secret for the time being. But these secrets and restrictions of documents and information can and will affect how people properly understand horrific events.

Newspaper heading "The Birth of 'The New Journalism'"

Newspaper heading “The Birth of ‘The New Journalism'”

The picture is of an article from New York magazine written by Tom Wolfe in 1972.
War has always, in a frightening way, given rise to literature, but The Vietnam War, in particular, changed the relationship between the media and the military forever. The reporters and photographers went through a significant adjustment themselves by changing the style of reporting a war for future journalists. These journalists went from reporting happy, enthusiastic stories to investigative reporting of cold, hard truthful stories. They wrote freely without restrictions and were able to give the public the information they deserved, so each and every individual could form their own opinions. But these stories coming from Vietnam and the photos coming from the front line did more than sway public opinion, they helped end the war.

American photographer during the Vietnam War

American photographer during the Vietnam War.

American soldier reading articles about the war in their bunker.

American soldier reading articles about the war in their bunker.

War has played and continues to play an important role as an agent for the development of the media ethos. The news which media publishes should be the actual truth of what is happening in our nation and every other. Journalism brings to the public: life and death, heroism and cowardice, courage and betrayal, glory and sacrifice, inexpressible brutality and unexplainable kindness. Journalism is, and forever will be, something that offers hope to the public everywhere by pointing the way to an accurate reflection of today’s global realities. That, my friends, is news.

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