Photojournalism requires new skills

Napoleon Bonaparte once said “A picture is worth a thousand words,” the notion that with just a single image an intricate idea can be communicated.  Photojournalism is a form of journalism that includes collecting, editing and publishing images that then create a news story.

AP Haiti Election

Photojournalism for the most part has remained relatively strong over time.  Even with the decline of newspapers and magazine sales photos have enjoyed an increase online, with news sites featuring large galleries of photos.

New York Times Photojournalism

This job is not always easy.  With the growing competition in the market and the low income it becomes a rather uphill battle for a lot of people.  Large companies are increasingly consolidating their businesses.  The future of photojournalism will depend on imagery being available quickly, and at a cheaper cost for customers.

“It’s a real shame as I think lots of small local agencies are going to go bust, and we are going to get less and less news that’s not from PR handouts,” said photographer Jeff Moore.  Moore talked more about how he has seen a decline in news photos, but an increase in photographs of dogs dressed up, or babies blowing bubbles.

Photojournalism is about taking risks.  Because many photojournalists are struggling to find work, aspiring photojournalists will have to produce work that sets them apart from others.  Future photojournalists will need to learn new developments in technology and learn a variety of multimedia skills.

“Photography can put a human face on a situation that would otherwise remain abstract or merely statistical.  Photography can become part of our collective consciousness and our collective conscience.  It is a way to remember history and to try not to relieve the mistake of the past,” said photojournalist James Nachtwey.


News is a way to inform people of what is going on around them, but a photograph is a way of showing the news so that people remember.

Larissa Jackson


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Senior at UW-Wisconsin Eau Claire. Double majoring in Liberal Arts with a photography emphasis and Public Relations.
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