NFL sideline reporters tackle tough job

The National Football League is the most popular sport in America. Growing up and living in the atmosphere of loyal NFL fans, my love for football continues to grow. Like many women, I have always aspired to be an NFL sideline reporter. They are beautiful, well-known, and get to interact with handsome wealthy football players. How hard could their job be?

NFL games are on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays. We always see the sideline reporters during or after those games, but do they work the rest of the week? NFL sideline reporters are busier than we think. A lot of research and preparation is done throughout the week.


Laura Okmin, FOX sideline reporter, says her preparation starts early in the week. She calls players and coaches related to the games she is reporting for, researches game releases on both teams, watches both team’s games from the previous week, and reads local newspapers.

On Wednesday Okmin travels to the location or her Thursday night game, while using airtime to finish prepping. She arrives three hours early to the stadium on game day. She uses this time to get insight on the teams and continues through the night reporting the game.

Friday, Okmin travels to the location of the Sunday game. She spends time with the home team, getting insight on the game. The next day, she meets with the visiting team to collect information and strategies as well. After gaining further knowledge of the game, Okmin goes over story lines, graphics, and production.

Sunday, Okmin’s next game day, arrives again to the stadium three hours prior to the game. She receives pre-game conversations with coaches and players.

Being a NFL sideline reporter requires being on the go at all times on and off the field. They are constantly traveling from place to place, and being ready to go on air at any time. Their job is to make the viewers feel they are watching from the field alongside them.

Being a NFL reporter sounds like a wonderful career choice, but there is much more that is involved than meets eye.

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