Turn your journalism interview into a job

Today, becoming a journalist can be difficult. According to a writer for CNN Money, Wenqian Zhu, a study in 2012 was done at the University of Georgia that found roughly 66 percent of journalism graduates landed a full-time job six to eight months after graduation.

Before anyone gets hired for a job, they must go through the interviewing process. Below are a five main tips to read about to help ace that journalism interview.

Business meeting

  1. Know the news

If you’re going into journalism, you’re expected to know the latest details on what is going on across the nation. Before going into an interview, catch up on what’s going on in your hometown and what’s going on thousands of miles across the world.

2. Know who you’re working for

According to Bob Doran, media strategy consultant and trainer, be sure to know information about the program, newspaper or website. It’s common sense to know information about the place you are going to work for. It’ll make you look good and smart when you go in for your interview.

3. Show your portfolio

If you’ve had previous experience with internships, previous jobs, or volunteer opportunities, showcase your work. This is when you can showcase your writing skills, possible video editing skills, reporting skills, and other coverage skills.

4. Have ideas to offer

Having fresh and new ideas is always a plus. According to Mark S. Luckie, newsrooms are always looking for ways to improve. If you do not have ideas for ways the newsroom can improve, there’s a chance that you may not get hired.

5. Be prepared

Lastly, it’s always important to be prepared for anything. It’s important to show your passion for the field you’re going to work in. Review past experiences you have gained, information about news, and be able to speak well. Communication is a big part of the journalism field and it might be hard to land a job if you cannot communicate.

– Jolie LyFoung

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