Newspapers face uncertain future

Reading a newspaper on a city park bench or bus, might be a prehistoric concept to the younger American public. As smartphones and tablets take over  society, “Few believe that newspapers in their printed form will survive,” writes  Erick Alterman, journalist for the New Yorker With our growing, fast-paced lifestyle, Americans look to the internet for the day’s top stories. In recent years, there has been a shift from hard print to web print. One reason is due to advertising. Advertisers have a better opportunity reaching their markets with ads on the internet rather than a newspaper. Websites such as craigslist, have taken the concept of classified ads out of newspapers.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, “Nearly two-thirds of the 25 largest papers in the U.S. posted circulation declines of 10 percent or more.” Newspapers have been on the decline for years, since more are looking towards online newspapers for their source of news.

With online newspapers on the rise, there is still hope for the hard print newspaper. According to PBS’ Frontline, “On a typical day, 40 percent of Americans read a newspaper.” This stat is strictly based on hard copy newspapers rather than online copies.

Online newspapers allow us quick access to the news, via text updates or push notifications. What online newspapers don’t give us is the symbolic look and feel of the news in your hands. Odds are, you cannot frame your computer or phone screen after an iconic event has happened. Nor can you cut out the image of your children making the local newspaper for the first time.

If we have the time to play video games and watch television, we have the time to read a newspaper. “Newspapers are the original journalist,” writes David Sirota, staff writer for the PandoDaily, television commentator for CNN and syndicated columnist.  Without newspapers, radio talk shows, tabloids and online blogs would not have any source to base their information off of. So my advice to you, spend the time and money getting a newspaper because you never know when they might finally disappear from.

~Brendon McCarthy

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