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Job Shadow: Wisconsin Public Radio

Broadcasting news over the radio is a career that I have just recently had the chance to become more familiar. I have had the opportunity to shadow employees of Wisconsin Public Radio (WPR), in Eau Claire, and I have learned more … Continue reading

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Job Shadow: Reporter Ashley Luthern

As soon as she walked out of the elevator and into the lobby to sign me in, I learned my first lesson of the day: not all reporters are old and gray. It was a really pleasant surprise to be … Continue reading

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ESPN offers opinion, not news

Have you ever watched a program on ESPN and noticed how the news of the stories are often lost by the time the reporter is done delivering their story? This is a common theme on ESPN and it is because … Continue reading

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Photojournalism project captures individual stories

People say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what about the words of the people in those pictures? What message do they offer? The Humans of New York photojournalism project works to answer that question. This project was … Continue reading

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Ethical Photojournalism: Maintaining the Integrity and Public Trust in Journalism

It is so easy to doctor an image, edit or modify it to improve the intensity of the subject photographed.  But this misleads the public into thinking the untrue is true. The high demand for photographic perfection requires strong ethical … Continue reading

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News Negativity

Why is the mainstream news so negative? Is it time to cut back on news consumption? The first answer that comes to mind is “bad news sells”, now of course people care and want to know the recent happenings around … Continue reading

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Why diversity matter in a news room.

Are the newsroom diverse enough? The goal of every newsroom is to present its viewers with daily stories that represents or interests their community. Anything ranging from community events, to local crimes, or covering the president’s speech.  In order for … Continue reading

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