Old journalism vs. New journalism



Journalism is meant to inform the public of the news. As a journalist, the public is my audience and I write with the intentions of making an impact on the public.

I’ve been involved with journalism education for about a year now and am interested in the history of journalism. The connection between old journalism of the American Revolution and new journalism of the modern age is the undying desire to present factual information. However, there are major differences.

Old Journalism

U.S. journalism started when new found free speech provided people with the ability to inform their neighbors on what was happening. At first, the public were the people who would talk and argue about the news. What was happening then was much more interesting to the public, and what journalism did was not only present the news, but also advocate how the public should feel.

This style respected everyone as a participant in the game of democracy. This style catered to the public, as it stimulated the minds of the anxious colonials. But not everyone could be a journalist. According to University of North Carolina at PembrokeMark Canada this required major financial support, and the people who were devoted to the cause played the roles of writers and distributors.

New Journalism

The average person is not in tune with what’s going on in the news. People are busy living their lives, and expect to get their news from the media. The expectation is that journalists now separate the facts from the values, which directly relates to the split between the news and opinion pieces.

What is different now as well is that, regardless of the countless schools of Journalism created after 1908, you don’t need a degree to be considered a journalist. While before money was needed, the internet has opened up a world of free, unfiltered opinions. According to Gina Chen of savethemedia.com, the role of journalism is continuing to shift towards the internet. Chen spent 20 years as a reporter and editor at newspapers before accepting a position at the University of Southern Mississippi. Anybody can write a blog and spread their message. Using the web has helped journalists promote journalism.

This video doesn’t date back to colonial time, but does a good job at showing the struggle between old and new.

– Austin Mai

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