Twitter captures public attention

In the past few years, social media has taken over in becoming one of the most influential ways to obtain the attention of news-seeking people.

Twitter is a powerful way to grab the attention of almost anybody these days.

“Twitter is faster than print media, more in depth than television, and compared to the traditional newswire, its real time reaction to events news and headlines,” Josh Brown, named by Time magazine as one of the 140 Best Twitter Feeds, said.

There are “trends”, which, on Twitter, means that something is being talked about and is popular among the people using Twitter at that time. It can vary from celebrity news to news on political conflicts in the world.

As an example, the Oscars were trending this past Sunday, and seemed to take over. Ellen DeGeneres, who was the host, even crashed Twitter with this tweet:


This generates people wanting to pay attention to news that is posted on the Internet and waiting to contribute to posting on social media networks, such as Twitter. Although this was a tweet by a celebrity, knowing you can generate buzz by one post is something powerful in the social media world.

With that being said, many companies also use Twitter to advertise and promote products. For example, Nike is supporting the soccer player around the world with their slogan “Just Do It” and promotes its way through using the famous soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo:


Although Nike is a worldwide known company, so many smaller companies also have Twitter profiles in order to keep up with the younger generation and for competition among other companies they are competitors with.

It is amazing to see how far social media has come and how frequently people today are using Twitter especially to become more recognized, to connect with their customer base and to even gain new customers.

Here is a link to people who want to become better tweeters, or even advice to beginning “tweeters”:

Helpful Tips For Tweeting

Megan Stokes


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One Response to Twitter captures public attention

  1. I love this blog- I agree that it is becoming the new way to communicate. Your sources were very insightful and I loved how you incorporated the Oscar selfie into it!

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