Journalists using social networks beyond Facebook, Twitter

Today you may hear a lot about how organizations continue to improve their effectiveness on social media outlets of Facebook and Twitter, but in fact, they’ve begun experimenting on Instagram too.

A major part in using social media for organization lies in the ability to direct a targeted audience to the organization’s site. Instagram cannot do that. Why are the organizations experimenting?

“Instagram is more about branding and engagement than eyeballs and dollars,” said John Paul Titlow, a technology journalist and professor at Temple University, in his blog, ‘How Journalists Are Using Instagram’, in September 2012.

Even so, the Associated Press is taking part in this new experiment by asking staff photographers to use their personal accounts to promote their organization.

As you can see in the pictures below, many organizations have been successful in using Instagram.

ebay-on-instagram -just-a-line-of-hashtags-that-dont-say-anything-about-the-company-instagram-users-need-to-feel-like-they-are-stepping-into-the-world-of-the-brandphotos  StarbucksInstagraminstagram-companies

For tips on how to grow your business via Instagram, view this video.

Organizations on Instragam continue to grow.

“Sixty-seven percent of top brands are now using Instagram, which they see as a great platform for reaching new, younger, tech-aware audiences,” said Ekaternia Walker, author and social media trailblazer.

To learn more about how organizations have used the popular platform of Pinterest, read these stories: Instagram Stories

– Katie Schmitz


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One Response to Journalists using social networks beyond Facebook, Twitter

  1. jacktrudeau says:

    I think this is a great blog. Companies really are trying to get involved in all aspects of social media and no longer just your standard Facebook and Twitter. I am sure companies are really valuing people who come in and know how to use all types of social media.

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