What’s the Buzz about Buzzfeed

While scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this afternoon, I became overwhelmed with ratio of Facebook posts to Buzzfeed posts (13:7).  That may not seem like a lot, but once I eliminated three instagram photos of cats, two sponsored posts, and one Vine that would make my grandmother blush, I was left with half of my Facebook newsfeed decided to Buzzfeed.

That’s right.  Half of my newsfeed was littered with quizzes to find out which Golden Girl I am (I’m Dorothy, obviously), and Buzzfeed original articles titled “Feminism and Faith.” 

Wait. What?

 And that’s exactly why Buzzfeed should matter to journalists.  The site isn’t just quizzes and lists anymore.  Buzzfeed’s feature articles are changing the already sensationalized website. According to founder Jonah Peretti’s yearly memo he posted to LinkedIn, Buzzfeed has had an impressive 85 million visitors. Clearly, the public (or the younger generation) is turning to Buzzfeed as a source of quick and easy news – and Buzzfeed’s 40-year-old founder knows that.

“Despite the struggles of the traditional media, there remains an insatiable desire for great reporting, entertaining content, and powerful storytelling,” Peretti says in his memo. “Facebook, Twitter, and the other Silicon Valley-based social sites are amazing distribution platforms, but user generated content alone isn’t enough to fill the hole left by the ongoing decline of print newspapers and magazines.”

Peretti continues, saying that he hopes to keep growing his news website in the upcoming years, making it a go-to source of information for internet users.

I took a quick stroll through the company’s current job listings, and found postings for everything from Software Engineers to Journalists specializing in United Kingdom Politics.  Clearly, the company is a growing force, having mastered the art of both journalism and news sharing.

It’s time that we start taking Buzzfeed more seriously.  After wading through 17 different quizzes and lists of the best gluten-free desserts, the site has a pretty legitimate and sustainable core.  Buzzfeed could easily be the future of journalism.

Learn more from Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti about the social media reach of news and internet content below:  

Peretti, Jonah.  “Memo to the Buzzfeed Team.” September 4, 2013. <http://www.linkedin.com/today/post/article/20130904212907-1799428-memo-to-the-buzzfeed-team&gt;


– Aaron White



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