Multimedia Transforms Journalism

Over the years, journalism has gone through some changes. The advance in technology has really helped these changes. We not only have the radio, the television, and newspaper, but we also have the internet. Within the internet, we have different ways available for the public to view the news. For example, we have online newspapers, blogs, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. According to Pew Research Journalism Project, “Roughly half of both Facebook and Twitter users get news on those sites.”


The public is really benefiting from the many advances in media. We see this especially in the social media sites. The public now has the option to express opinion in the news that is distributed through the social media sites. This is huge breakthrough for journalists because it gives them an even better idea of what the public is interested in.

With multimedia advancing so quickly, it important for journalists to be familiar and to know how to use the different type of media that is available. This YouTube video called “Pitching to Multimedia Journalists” explains why stressing that journalists get familiar with the different types of media is helpful in the work field.

Knowing the basics of web design, and how to use professional programs such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WordPress, and different video editing programs and even the different social media sites can only help someone on the road to being a better and more knowledgeable journalists.

It can be predicted that with as quickly as multimedia is growing and really technology in general, it could potentially outweigh newspapers completely. No one can say for sure what will happen because no one knows the future. But one thing is for sure, Journalism, no matter the form, will live on. People will never stop being hungry from knowledge of what is going on around them.

For more statistics on the public and social media click here.

(Photo credit goes to Pew Research Center)


Cristina Whiting

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