Social media spread journalism

Are social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, effecting the journalism field?

As it turns out, social media sites are helping with the spread of journalism. 60% of people use Facebook as a recurring way of gathering news. Most Americans do not have time to sit down and read print journalism. America has turned into a busy body system and social media sites have become the best way to spread news.

Smart phones can allow anyone to take videos of groundbreaking news. This way the news spreads more quickly. Social media such as Youtube and Facebook allow just regular people to spread news. This is called citizen journalism. This could be a good and bad thing because the source still has to be credited and sometimes the news is not accurate. Checking the source is always a vital part of making sure the article is accurate. It is also a good thing because regular people get the opportunity to spread worldwide news.

There is a difference between spreading news and being a journalist. People who spread news are listing facts and getting the news out there but journalists turn them into stories that people want to read. They create articles with meaning and understanding. A regular person cannot be journalist without the proper schooling.

Times are changing and so is journalism. News used to be just print, then televised, to seen on the internet, and now on social media sites. Journalists are keeping up on the times and news has been getting around more efficiently through social media sites.

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