News Negativity

Why is the mainstream news so negative? Is it time to cut back on news consumption?

The first answer that comes to mind is “bad news sells”, now of course people care and want to know the recent happenings around their environments.

Ninety-Five percent of the daily news continue to fill eyes and ears with sights and sounds of death, misery and horror. Terrorism, murder and chaos dominate the headlines, creating an impression that the world is in a state of impending doom. The  video linked below is an interesting debate between former ABC anchor and a fox news anchor, it was interesting because for the most part ” news was referred to as a business”. Hence the more negative news  produced the more coverage its gets.

The media is composed of corporations whose goal is to make profit. Negative stories are happening daily and there is need to report these stories, a good example will be Fox news.

According to a novelist Rolf Dobelli, in his article ““news is bad for you, give up reading it will make you happier.” Dobelli argues that consuming negative news everyday adds nothing to one’s life, he also brings up a couple of points such as:

  1. News is Irrelevant
  2. News has no explanatory power
  3. News is toxic to your body
  4. News increases cognitive errors
  5. News inhibits thinking
  6. News waste time
  7. News makes us passive
  8. News kills creativity

“I have now gone without news for four years, so I can see, feel and report the effects of this freedom first-hand: less disruption, less anxiety, deeper thinking, more time, and more insights. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.” Said Rolf

Indeed the society needs journalism but in a different and more positive way. In many aspects journalism is a huge part of the society and will continue to be so but the media also has a duty to provide more meaningful news that can be applied and serve as a source of inspiration.

To read further more on Dobelli’s article backing up his arguments on why there is a need to cut back on news consumption,attached below is a link to his article.

news is bad

Linda Abang

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