Photojournalism project captures individual stories

People say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what about the words of the people in those pictures? What message do they offer?

Humans of New York blog home page

Humans of New York blog home page

The Humans of New York photojournalism project works to answer that question. This project was started in 2010 by photographer Brandon Stanton. Originally, this project was created to catalog New York’s inhabitants. As the project progressed, Stanton started collecting quotes from the people he photographed to add as taglines to his photos, and all his efforts were combined to create what he would call a vibrant and unique blog.

Photojournalism works with news in various ways, and the Humans of New York blog is just one of those ways. Photojournalism is understood to be a form of media that uses pictures to convey a story. It is separate from the type of story that “artistic” style photography would tell, and these pictures contribute to news media as well.

The Humans of New York blog is home to nearly 5,000 photographs, quotes, and 50 stories from the citizens who live there. There are numerous portraits featuring dogs, children, senior citizens, and everyone in between. The quotes captioned with the photos vary from one-liners to several paragraphs, and from what I can tell, the stories will never bore you.

One of the stories that stood out most to me was the photograph of this New York resident. I chose this particular story because even though it had only a few words it still had a lot of weight behind them. It also mentions another form of media, social media, and how overwhelming the over personalization of its pages can be.

-Samantha Wensel CJ222

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Current junior at UWEC. Journalism Major. Blogging about journalism for journalism.
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1 Response to Photojournalism project captures individual stories

  1. mansonae says:

    I find this post really interesting. I would like to check this blog out now. I am really interested in photography, and it is cool to see what someone did to tie journalism and photography together into one blog. I would like to do this one day, just as something fun to do. It would be interesting to find out about random ordinary people, that you would regularly just pass by on the street without thinking about it. A picture really does say 1000 words, and a caption or a paragraph is even more enlightening. This is a great post.

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