ESPN offers opinion, not news

Have you ever watched a program on ESPN and noticed how the news of the stories are often lost by the time the reporter is done delivering their story? This is a common theme on ESPN and it is because sports journalistsespn_logo1
at the network today have become deliverers of their opinions, instead of bearers of news. Sports journalists strive to prove their brilliance, which is normal in any profession, but it is their methods of proving their wit that is at fault. Instead of displaying their brilliance through expert reporting, and writing, ESPN reporters today try to be the loudest people in the room. They are essentially screaming, “look at me!” as they make bold predictions, and exaggerated statements. The catalyst of this egotistical era at EPSN is Skip Bayless.

Bayless joined ESPN in 2004 and quickly became a celebrity of the network due to his strong opinions. I am sure Bayless is a brilliant individual. The accolades he earned in his 20 years of reporting before joining ESPN prove he is a talented reporter. But
his reporting skills, along with many of ESPN’s other reporters have gone torment. An example is shown in this clip of Bayless on his daily program titled First Take. Bayless is shown talking about his own opinions, and he fails to report any news.

Recently in my CJ 222 class my professor advised the class to read/consume the “best” stories and to learn from them. ESPN is regarded as one of the best sports news outlets in the world, in fact it is referred to as the mother ship of sports reporting. Because of this I am afraid that as ESPN continues to produce reporters who talk about their ideas more then the actually news, then the next generation of sports journalists will believe their opinions trump the news.

ESPN has become a haven for opinions, debate and irrelevant sports reporting. They have a major bias in the sporting events and teams they cover. Reports on the way ESPN has ditched journalism practices for entertainment coverage are all over the internet. This report sheds some light on how ESPN has left the world of sports reporting.

Due to the fall of true reporting at ESPN, I have turned to other sports news outlets such as Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports

NBC Sports Logo


for solid sports reporting and sports fans everywhere should start to do the same.

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