Job Shadow With Abi Gatewood

Abigail Gatewood, a graduate from UW-Eau Claire ( with a BSW (Bachelors in Social Work) now holds a job at NBI, National Business Institute ( as an administrative assistant. Leading up to her current job, Abi bounced around many different types of jobs. She didn’t have any interest in typical social work that her degree called for.

Abi has worked for NBI for two years.

Abi has worked for NBI for two years.

For example, working for the government or Child Protective Services was not at all interesting to her. But Abi had a desire to help people. A few jobs that Abi had before her current one were when she worked as a live-in nanny for a two-year-old with Down syndrome and then when she took a job as a care-giver companion for an elderly lady suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

After Abi worked as a care-giver, she put in an application for an administrative assistant at NBI. With no background in this type of work, Abi wasn’t accepted into this position, but was given an internship-type position so that she could experience on-the-job training. This was also a test run for the use of internships in the administrative assistant department. She worked 2 terms (12 months) as an intern and then applied for and was given a hard-earned administrative assistant position. May of this year will mark Abi’s 2nd year working for NBI.

NBI’s main purpose is to host seminars or courses, for attorneys and other professionals so that they may earn credit for continuing their legal education. These credits are needed for them to keep their licenses which they need to be able to work in their professions. There are a lot of different steps involved in a seminar from start to finish.  There is the planning of the event, setting up the locations, gathering speakers, advertising the event, applying for the continuing education credits, and making the manual for the attendees. When all of this is complete, the event is ready to happen. But the work doesn’t stop here. After the seminar is held, they receive credit requests and submit them for the professionals that attend the seminars. It takes quite a lot of time, planning and employees to make the seminars a success.

Abi’s job is to answer phone calls, apply for credit, and to make corrections in biographies and agendas that are then pulled onto NBI’s website. Another task that she does is submit credits after seminars are hosted. Multitasking and attention to detail is surely the key to success for Abi.

Even though she doesn’t have a job in her degree, Abi still feels like her degree in social work has helped her to have basic social skills in getting information and talking over the phone for her current job. Also, without her degree, she would not have been able to work for NBI because they require their employees to have a 4-year degree in something. Abi is content with her job at NBI because she is able to help people in providing them a chance to continue in their jobs.

-Cristina Whiting

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