Job Shadow with Gabby Griffin

Cedar Corporation is an engineering, planning and marketing consultation firm. There is three main offices for this firm, Menomonie, Madison and Green Bay. The one I visited was Menomonie. This firm deals mostly with municipalities in Wisconsin to provide consultation for new projects. This firm consults on many different projects that could range from a new library; to waste water treatment plans to a new bridge someone wants to build.

Although I went to this firm, I did not shadow the people who work directly on these projects. I job shadowed Gabby Griffin who is the marketing coordinator for Cedar Corporation. Gabby has been with Cedar Corporation for about two years. One of Gabby’s jobs is getting request for proposals. These requests are basically asking the firm to apply to work on the project. Gabby puts together their proposal and sends it to the company. Gabby also does many other things like data collection analyzing and media coordination with press releases. Gabby also does things like making brochures and manages social media.
Gabby attended University or Wisconsin Eau-Claire. She graduated with a degree in mass communications public relations, and a minor in web design. Gabby also did a summer online for her NBA. She did many internships, one of which being with a media management company for two years. She also did an internship with Midwest Family Broadcasting. Doing these different internships gave her the knowledge and experience that she needed to be successful.

Before Gabby got the job with Cedar Corporation as their marketing coordinator she had ordinary jobs that also taught her things about mass communication. Throughout high school and college Gabby was a building manager at her high school. She was in charge of the weight room and the activity center. Gabby said that it taught her how to multitask and do task progress reporting. Gabby was also a waitress and bartender during and after college. These jobs helped her with customer service and adapt to different types of communication depending on how the customers would act towards her. She also learned how to analyze customers to give them the best service possible.

While talking with Gabby I asked what some advice would for someone like me possibly want to go into marketing. Gabby told me to always be over prepared. It is always good to have more material than you need then less. She also told me it is good to be over trained than under trained. It is okay to be over qualified for a job. Also she said that you need to take all experiences as learning experiences. Lastly she said to never shut yourself off from an opportunity to growth.

Having the privilege to do this job shadow helped me see that marketing could be something I would like to go in to. It also showed me that no matter what job it is, it can always teach you something that you will use later in life.



Gabby Griffin

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