Job Shadow with Becky Dienger

Surrounded by stacks of production schedules, the latest student and alumni feature story information, and various publications awaiting final editing, Becky Dienger works on the latest series of marketing messages for the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

MJ Brukardt and Becky Dienger

MJ Brukardt (left) and Becky Dienger (right) discussing the copy for an email to be sent out to the campus community.

“I am working in a planning meeting and then I’m doing a lot of the creative execution but I’m also planning campaigns,” says Dienger.

She started writing at a young age, even writing for the 8th grade school play, and everyone told her she would be the next Jane Pauley, an anchor of the Today Show. Dienger says that although she knew she did not want to follow in Pauley’s footsteps, it helped bring out what she truly was passionate about.

After attending the University of Wisconsin – LaCrosse, where she majored in mass communications, she took a job in creative creative services at WQOW here in Eau Claire. Dienger started writing and producing commercials and a children’s show.

After her time at WQOW, she worked in various public relations and marketing positions from hospitals and banks to an international company before coming to work at UW-Eau Claire. Throughout this time, she was continually drifting from journalism to marketing.

“You’ll see a pattern because it took me a few years to figure out what I wanted to do,” says Dienger.

Now at UW-Eau Claire, Dienger works to create messages for specific audiences through collaboration with the Admissions and Foundation offices as well as the overall campus marketing. She says that she goes into every meeting thinking about the audience and what that specific group of people will need from the university.

Dienger says that marketing has moved toward storytelling and the audience is looking for the truth.

“What’s cool about the way things have evolved, and your generation too, is they’re looking for authenticity. They’re looking for the truth,” says Dienger. “They don’t want some polished story, they want a real experience.”

Although she has been in many positions throughout her career, Dienger says she’s learned something from every experience and is happy to be at UW-Eau Claire, where the product she is “selling” is a better life.

“Your first job might not be the one you’re most passionate about but once you get the skills, look around for where your heart is because that is where you are going to get the most joy.”

Listen to more of Dienger’s thoughts on marketing here:

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