Personal brand a must have for communication professionals

How did your favorite YouTube celebrity get his claim to fame? Two words – Personal branding.

Whether you want to be the next Tyler Oakley, GloZell or Miranda Sings or you want to become successful in any chosen career in communications, you have to start building your personal brand.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Mark Burgess, the president of Blue Focus Marketing, says to go with your own strengths. With knowing your strengths you can decide where you can contribute your knowledge to the online community.

Once you have decided what your strengths are, you need to determine what audience you are trying to reach. This will help determine the content you create for your brand and which platforms you will use to spread that content. Each social media platform, blogging site or simple website has different strengths and weaknesses in displaying content. Your audiences will also be on different platforms.

As a member of the marketing team at UW-Eau Claire as a social media intern, we determine what would be the best way to present information on multiple platforms. A news story on a College of Business sales team successful finish at a national sales competition was presented three different ways online.

Original News Story:

Facebook Post: March Sales Madness! Two Blugolds reached the Final Four at the National Collegiate Sales Competition to help the UWEC Sales Team take first place! 

Tweet: They made an offer that nobody could refuse. @uweccob Sales Team took first place at the National Sales Competition! 

Finally, it is important to showcase your personality in your online brand. People are attracted to personalities that are similar to theirs. This helps you connect with other professionals in your field and build relationships that ultimately lead to opportunities.

Having a personal brand is about sharing your knowledge and skills with the world to create and build a network of opportunities. Showcasing your quality work will be the best way toward a rewarding career.

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