Andrew Chiapuzio Job Shadow

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Andrew Chiapuzio, a supervisor at the Green Mill of Eau Claire

Andrew Chiapuzio, or “Chip” as many coworkers call him, works as a supervisor at the Green Mill in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Andrew, who is a 24-year-old senior at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, has worked at the Green Mill for several years, primarily in the banquet department of the company. As a supervisor, Andrew serves as a liaison between the customers and the company, trains staff members, and makes sure the overall operation of the restaurant runs smoothly.

Andrew’s shifts usually start with a walk-through of the restaurant, making sure that the dining rooms, kitchen, banquet halls, and staff are all ready to provide great service to the guests. Important aspects to check are the cleanliness of the restaurant, the reservations for the evening (to make sure that the restaurant is adequately prepared), and to ensure that the banquet halls are prepared for any events that may be going on that evening. “Our banquet halls are a really important aspect to the business, so this part of my duties as a supervisor is probably what I put the most time into,” said Andrew.

After making sure that the restaurant is ready to deliver quality service, Andrew spent time with the staff, finding out if there is anything any of the servers, bartenders, cooks, or banquet staff need for the evening. Throughout his shift, Andrew constantly asked those around him what he could to help and was more than willing to aid any staff member. “I definitely try not to stand still while I’m here. In the restaurant business, there is always something to be done,” said Andrew.

The important aspect of his position as a supervisor, however, is interacting with guests. Throughout the shift, Andrew made several trips around the dining room and banquet halls, doing what the management call “table touches”. Table touches involve greeting the guests and inquiring about their service for the evening. Since Green Mill is a chain restaurant, it is frequently secret-shopped, which makes the aspect of table touches really important for the management. “Since we have people constantly in here inspecting our work, it’s really important that we speak to the guests and let them all know we’re interested in how we’re doing. Aside from that, it’s great to get feedback and figure out what we’re doing well and what we can improve,” said Andrew.

Andrew said he loves the restaurant industry because it gives him an opportunity to meet many different types of people and valuable experience for his future career. Andrew is graduating from UWEC this May, and is moving to the Minneapolis/St. Paul area to pursue a career in sales and marketing.


Hear Andrew’s comments on working the service industry here.

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