Job Shadow: Matt Selvig

Music filled the isles as customers waited for a chance to see the Pillsbury Doughboy. Suddenly, the rich, deep, baritone voice of 95 GMO’s radio announcer reverberated throughout the store, signaling the arrival of the Doughboy. The Gordy’s Guru led the iconic advertising legend through a crowd of people. “There he is,” a customer shouted, “Poke his belly,” another said. The Grand Opening event at Gordy’s County Market’s new store in Shell Lake was just getting started!

The Gordy's Guru and the Pillsbury Doughboy celebrating at Gordy's Shell Lake Grand Opening ~ Photo Curtsey of Gordy's County Market

The Gordy’s Guru and the Pillsbury Doughboy celebrating at Gordy’s Shell Lake Grand Opening ~ Photo Courtsey of Gordy’s County Market

Welcoming everyone to the celebration, Matt Selvig, also known as the “Gordy’s Guru,” handed out cups of coffee and donuts. Selvig was having so much fun at the event that he was busting with contagious enthusiasm. According to Selvig, events like a grand opening are a fun part of his job.

To get that job, Selvig followed a philosophy of “Always ask, the worst thing they can say is no.” Utilizing this philosophy, Selvig asked Jeff Schafer, CEO of Gordy’s, if he would be interested in hiring him to do the advertising for Gordy’s. Schafer hired Selvig and the Guru was born.

Selvig’s job as the face, image and spokesperson for all of the Gordy’s grocery stores is not a traditional 9-5 job. He doesn’t punch a time clock, yet he does have to work on many weekends. Whenever he is recognized in public, Selvig must maintain his Guru image.

“One of the tough things about this job is that I always have to be on,” Selvig said

Selvig studied broadcasting and electronic journalism at Northwestern College in Saint Paul Minnesota. He gained experience to be “on” by being the play-by-play announcer for his college’s basketball and football games. During his time in college, he also hosted weekly radio and television shows.

Selvig stressed the importance of speech classes for anyone wanting to work in marketing.

“If you get into marketing, you cannot be afraid to get up in front of people and speak.” Selvig said

Another class that Selvig recommends to take is writing. At Gordy’s, Selvig writes most of the store’s radio and television commercials. He likes that the television commercials he creates has the opportunity to bring joy into people lives. Selvig shared a story about how a woman that could neither speak nor hear but always laughs when she sees a Gordy’s commercial come on.

“I feel very blessed to be able to do what I do,” Selvig said

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