Internet Journalism

February 13, 2014

Christina Dean

In today’s society the public demands immediate news and constant updates.  Web technology and how it has affected journalism has changed over the last few years.  How do journalists stay on top and even ahead of the news?  Whether it be phones, iPad, laptops, we see them everywhere and it is a rare sight to not see someone with their nose buried in some device.  Technology continues to advance.

While reading through:, I was overwhelmed by the requirements today’s journalists have to face.  No longer will there be time for editors to review work.  Immediate news stories will need to be instant and informative.  Along with these quick uploaded stories will come errors?  Journalists will need to be on top of their game and accept the fact that some of their readers may know more about the story than they have yet to learn.

Consider how quickly simple news travels through sites such as Facebook.  Casually passing on news to friends and families creates a link between a network of people and they in turn pass along the information.  With today’s technology journalists will need to write to a different audience and instead of imposing their news on them, working along with their audience to develop their story to its greatest extent.

Although it may appear that journalists have an easier road ahead with this new technology, I believe that they must be more diligent.  Fact checking and authenticity are critical.  In today’s society the audience can easily do the background themselves and make the determination on whether or not the journalist has done their homework.  Will we as the upcoming journalists of tomorrow be able to accommodate ourselves to this new technology and all that it entails?  Many have grown up with this form of technology, but to become comfortable as a reporter, continuous education is a must.

Another interesting article to read is:  I found both this article and the lecture above very interesting.

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