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Guest speaker seeks to inspire future educators

By Kyle Naber In front of a large crowd of future educators, Augustine Romero gave a heartfelt presentation on behalf of the College of Education and Human Sciences (CoEHS) Diversity Forum Series devoted to challenging the students to be educators … Continue reading

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Job Shadow: Magazine editor balances work, performance, life

By Alyssa Anderson Eric Christenson leads a hectic life, to say the least. With his many duties as managing editor at Eau Claire’s Volume One Magazine, performing comedy or music by night, and taking care of a rambunctious cat named Mikey, … Continue reading

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Job Shadow: Sports reporter multitasks to meet deadlines.

By John Eaton   The walls of the sports reporting office of WQOW were covered from top to bottom with sports memorabilia. The bright colors of team logos hung next to broadcast awards and newspaper clippings from past events. The sights and … Continue reading

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Job Shadow

Since taking over as Chief Operating Officer of Silver Spring Foods, Robert K. Roemer increased profits every year, implemented metric tracking systems, and has guided the company to record high sales numbers; he is the focus of this job shadow. … Continue reading

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Civil rights activist shares her story and calls students to action

By Kim North “Violence has no place in this world,” said Joanne Bland while discussing the violence she witnessed during Bloody Sunday and the violence happening to people in America today. Bland gave her speech  at the University of Wisconsin … Continue reading

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North Korea leads world in repression of speech in media

by Leland Orfield For the most part, global broadcasting has been a huge advance in allowing for freedom of speech in journalism, as reporters have been able to cover news on an international scale to an immense audience. Freedom of … Continue reading

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Mental Illness in the Media

By Elizabeth Gosling According to a CDC study polling the general population completed in 2012, it is widely perceived that mental illness patients are treated with compassion. Women and patients strongly disagree. The media’s portrayal of mental illness, characterized by … Continue reading

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Journalism Meets Social Media

By Michael Roemer In the ever changing world of social media, many news companies, big and small have shifted the focus of the newsroom from daily reporting to up to the second updates on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes these practices … Continue reading

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Research shows news media stereotypes blacks in crime coverage

By Lauren Hoium Throughout American history, people of color have been the victims of many negative stereotypes according to David J. Knight. One of the most common stereotypes is that African Americans are violent and dangerous, and have no respect … Continue reading

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Social equality: connections from the past

By Sydney Purpora A civil rights activist calls college students to action for social change through her life story. “We’ve come a long, long way,” Joanne Bland said. “We just have so far to go.” Bland is the co-founder and … Continue reading

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