Job Shadow: Communicator plans athletic promotions

By Kim North

Brewer Hall is a building that goes unnoticed by most, unless you are a student athlete or an athletic employee. Brewer Hall is where I spent four enjoyable hours with Clare Hohman. The day was spent writing scripts for the volleyball, soccer and football announcers for this week’s games. I also helped organize prizes for youth and alumni day because those events took place at the volleyball game during the upcoming weekend.

IMG_0458 (1)

Clare Hohman organized prizes for Alumni Day for a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire volleyball match. © 2015 Kim North

Hohman is the marketing and promotions coordinator for the athletic department at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.

Hohman is originally from Virginia. Her family moved to Minnesota and she graduated from Edina High School. Hohman graduated college from UW-Eau Claire in 1988. During her time at Eau Claire she majored in communication with a minor in psychology. In addition to her studies she was a student athlete. She played softball and volleyball during her time at UW-Eau Claire.

This is Hohmans’ second year at her current position. However, she has always worked for the university in some capacity. Her previous jobs include being an administrative assistant for the volleyball team and working for the universities recreation department. Hohman described her current position as the perfect job for her because it ties all of her communication and organization skills together.

A typical day in the athletic department for Hohman starts at 11 a.m. and goes until 3 p.m. Also a large part of her job is  running the promotional events during home athletics. While she is in her office she attends to emails, meets with coaches and reaches out to the community. She also spends time meeting with interns and her promotions and marketing team, which I am a part of. Hohmans key to staying organized is her huge wall calendar with all of the home athletic events listed on it. We looked at it several times while I was there to verify dates, times, events and opponents.

The atmosphere of the athletic department is fun and uplifting. Everyone is friendly. Teamwork is key for having a successful and well-organized athletic event.

The best part for Hohman is that she finds her job enjoyable. She likes making sure that the student experience at the game is a good one in spite of the fact that getting students to attend a home athletic event is not an easy task. Another challenge is that her job is a huge time commitment and she often finds herself working even when she’s not on the clock.

When I asked Hohman for advice for someone who wanted to work in a position that is similar to hers she said, “Get a lot of sleep, it requires a lot of giving of yourself and energy.” On a more serious note she added, “Be extremely organized and have good communication in small and large groups.”

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