Journalism Meets Social Media

By Michael Roemer

In the ever changing world of social media, many news companies, big and small have shifted the focus of the newsroom from daily reporting to up to the second updates on Facebook and Twitter.

Sometimes these practices have consequences that are unintended by the reporters. 


As this article points out there are lots of interactions that a reporter could have with his or her audience on social media. Many times those conversations are not necessarily pleasant and it is the reporter’s job to be professional and refrain from responding to negative criticism.

Things can go especially down hill in situations such as these. In this story Darren Rovell makes what some would call an inflammatory statement on twitter and instead of deleting the tweet, he doubled down and started calling out other journalists that are colleagues on Twitter when they confronted Darren. So what’s the big deal? Well Darren Rovell is a sports business reporter that uses his twitter account for business and sports news which is fine, but he also uses his Twitter account to respond and tweet his own opinions that could be confused as news reporting if people were not familiar with his work.


In conclusion there should be some universal or standard guidelines for members of of the media when it comes to the social media aspect of their jobs. Seeing a tweet by a friend telling of a breaking news story is a lot different than Megyn Kelly tweeting a breaking news story. More people will read her tweet and pass that information along. Likewise, if she got in a Twitter argument, her fighting words would be seen by almost as many people.

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