Job Shadow: Timberwolves PR manager always on the move

By Kyle Naber

When attending sporting events, fans usually do not consider what is going on behind all of the action. There is a game within the game, one that does not always get attention, but is extremely important. Aaron Seehusen, public relations manager for the Minnesota Timberwolves, is an example of a man behind the scenes.

Aaron Seehusen, Minnesota Timberwolves public relation manager~Photo courtesy of Minnesota Timberwolves.

Aaron Seehusen  © 2015 Minnesota Timberwolves

Seehusen studied sports management and business at Loras University in Iowa. Originally, Seehusen’s future intentions were not set on public relations. However, in order for him to graduate, he needed an internship. He interned with the Dubuque Fighting Saints, a junior hockey team. The internship provided Seehusen with new experiences and a desire to work in the public relations field. Following this, he interned with the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2007, where he has been working ever since.

Seehusen’s job has a lot of different responsibilities. He is always moving. Shadowing him provided a great workout. His day-to-day responsibilities are to help make official statements from the team, handle all media requests for interviews from the players and coaches, and make sure that all members of the media, scouts and VIPs have tickets.

On game day, Seehusen is twice as busy. He has to make sure that everything is running smoothly. He arrives at the stadium at least five hours prior to game time to make sure that everything is in place. He has to make sure all NBA signs are posted on every room of the lower concourse, including the locker rooms. Additionally, the game notes for the media need to be finalized and printed, the starters for the team announced, and the media availability of players and coaches before the game has to be posted. He also has to be aware of everyone coming to the game, create press passes if needed, create a seating chart for the media, and handle all ticket requests from players, even at the last minute.

He also assigns his assistants their duties, which include helping set up, checking in the VIPs, handing out updated box scores during the game to all the broadcast personnel, scouts, and media, and taking down the media and radio tables.

Seehusen stressed that to get into the business it truly is all about who you know.

“Nothing is too small, whether it is something like this, like a job shadow,” Seehusen said. “Also building relationships and making connections is probably the number one thing.”

Seehusen talked about how something as small as an internship can go a long way for a career.

“I am a component of that and I am an example of that,” Seehusen said. “Because I started as an intern.”

Click below to hear my interview with Aaron Seehusen.

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