RCU vice president moves up the ranks

By Kristin McLeod

At Royal Credit Union, it may look like an ordinary desk job, but the daily routine of vice president of community engagement, Vicki Hoehn, changes and always has her toes.

Vicki Hoehn works hard to finish a project for the annual meeting at Beaver Creek Reserve at RCU © Kristin McLeod

Vicki Hoehn works hard to finish a project for the annual meeting at Beaver Creek Reserve at RCU
© 2015 Kristin McLeod

A University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire alum, Hoehn began her college career as a nursing major. After this did not work for her, she became interested in business and graduated with a degree in business management. Even without a lot of internship experiences or extra-curricular activities, she was able to establish herself in her career field. She started at RCU 34 years ago as a part-time bank teller, receptionist and then a research and development assistant. Eventually she worked her way up to become vice president by doing something that she loved.

“RCU supported me to get involved in the community,” Hoehn said.

By staying with RCU, she was able to engage with the Eau Claire community. She started working with the ATMs and did a lot of conferences on the ATM movement. Next, she became involved with a Leadership Eau Claire course where she made a lot of non-profit connections.

“It’s people helping people. Not for profit but for people” Hoehn said referring to the connections she made in the Eau Claire community.

The day began with a tour of the fourth floor of RCU and introductions to her whole marketing team. After the tour and full explanations of the responsibilities of her team members, we were able to engage in a personal interview.

When asked her daily duties as vice president of community engagement, Hoehn laughed and said that every day changes. She explained that it depends on the time of the year. However, throughout a typical month she usually meets with her team members to give any support they might need. Besides meeting the needs of her team members, Hoehn explained her responsibilities include event planning, staying active in the community, sending thank you cards, attending meetings, sitting on board meetings, and finishing initiatives she wants to pursue.

“We want to support you in the community because it’s important to be out there doing good things,” Hoehn said. “Our core purpose is to create positive impact in the lives we touch.”

Her job requires lots of communication, letters, phone calls, emails and event planning, according to Hoehn.

Hoehn showed me one of her projects she was working on which was the annual meeting representation at Beaver Creek Reserve. This meeting included a check presentation, photographs, foundation and board member appearances and a speech on behalf of RCU. Her job as vice president is to make sure that her correct team members show up to the presentation and all the appropriate materials are prepared for the annual meeting.

At the end of the interview, Hoehn gave advice to those entering in the workforce and want to begin networking.

“Find a mentor or a partner or someone that you know and tag along to a couple of like events that they go to,” she said. “And then find another partner so you’re showing your diversity as well.”

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