Job shadow: Volume One writer talks about her film career

By Agnese Cikule

When Laura Lash writes a story about something she believes in, she wants it to be well written, so that readers are attracted to its subject. That is exactly how I would like to write the story about her – an NYU graduate, Volume One writer, a community member of UW-Eau Claire’s International Film Society and, yes, a yoga teacher.

Laura Lash is a Volume One writer, community member of the UW-Eau Claire's International Film Society and a yoga teacher

Laura Lash is a Volume One writer, community member of the UW-Eau Claire’s International Film Society and a yoga teacher. ©.2015 Agnese Cikule

Even though Lash is a writer now, I would like the story to be about her relationship with movies, a love of which, she realized in her teens. Back then, movies were not just entertainment for her. Lash was interested in film directors, connections between them and actors, movie credits and the way the movies were shot. “I noticed really early on that I liked films very well written,” she said. “I don’t know if anyone who was 15 was doing this.”

Lash described the three components that shaped her education – college, internship for a company that was producing TV and film and the city of New York.

-“I learned about the business in my classroom, but I would never have known how a film shoot goes (…) if I hadn’t also been an intern,” she said. Big city life, “being around artists, having access to cinema, galleries and museums,” shaped her education as well.

Lash spent 12 years working in various jobs connected with TV and film. The work and the money was good, according to Lash. “One of my favorite things about my work was that you got to do these things that normal people didn’t do,” she said.

The downside of it was the long hours and the fact that she was travelling a lot for the different projects. Lash said that she was too tired and realized that she wasn’t making anything of her own. So she went to yoga retreat and became a yoga teacher, taking a step back from her stressful routine.

Now, working for Volume One, Lash is making something of her own. The magazine offers a lot of topics to choose from, but the writers decide which ones they want to write about, according to Lash. She has been writing about various topics, mostly about food.

Lash’s stories are mostly about local businesses. “Usually when I get all the ideas, that we can write about,” Lash said, “I pick one where it’s like – yes, I really want that to happen (in Eau Claire), I am going to write about it really well, so that everybody feels attracted to it and it helps that business grow.”

Lash’s advice for people who want to pursue this kind of career was to “have good conversations with people whose work you are interested in and learn from them and be open to working hard and helping others, that way they will help you too.” She also said, that “the earlier you get started (…) the better off you’ll be. Just get started with something and then you pick and choose your path.”

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