Trivia host pursues alternative lifestyle, juggles with three jobs

By Agnese Cikule

Aaron Brewster has three jobs – and all of them are different from one another. But as different as each of them are, all speak to Brewster’s goal of pursuing a lifestyle out of the ordinary.


Aaron Brewster hosts AMP quiz trivia every Friday night on the campus of UW-Eau Claire. ©2015 Agnese Cikule

“(People) that go to work for nine hours a day and then go home and eat a microwave TV dinner, spend a weekend in all matter of distraction from actual living, in front of a TV or decorating their house to try to keep up with their neighbors… I can’t even imagine living that – it sounds horrible.”

Brewster works at the Local Store, is a property manager and leads the Amp Quiz Trivia every Friday, which takes place on the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire’s campus. Every day of the week, Brewster says, is different. He does not like routine, is not a morning person and appreciates that in most cases, he is able to arrange his workday as he prefers.

As a child, Brewster wanted to be a bank-robber, because it got him interested in “handy-man type stuff” at a young age, so he could learn about doors and things like that.


One of Aaron Brewster’s jobs is working at the Local Store, which sells locally made items. ©2015 Agnese Cikule

Then, he wanted to become a superhero. His reasoning was simple: “Some people deserve a punch in the face and I really wanted to be the one to give it to them,” he said. Later, as he became more versed in moral psychology, he came to realize that all people deserve a punch in the face.  Although, meant partly as a joke, the urge to make people’s lives better and the idea of helping people without having to follow the rules is still appealing to Brewster.

“I think the world would be a better place if more people would take a serious and critical look at themselves,” he said.

His dream job is to write the questions for the trivia. He has been reading the questions to participants of Amp Quiz Trivia for almost two years and, says he knows almost all the answers.

Brewster’s close friend, Jeremy Gragert says that his friend’s eclectic interests make him a natural for the job.

“Aaron is a guy that knows a lot of facts about a wide variety of subjects, so this is a good fit for him,” Gragert said. “He is probably the best trivia contestant in town when he plays, and probably the best at karaoke. There should really be some official contests to confirm these two assertions.”

Brewster says that he likes diversity in life. Even when Brewster was in college he participated in varied organizations like student government, the publication “Flipside” and others. He switched his major nine times, ultimately graduating with a major in economics. Brewster enjoys diversity even in his acquaintances. He says his hobby is “collecting people.”

“I like people,” even on trivia nights, he said. “Just watching people dance to the music I play makes me so happy.”

As a property manager, one of Brewster’s responsibilities is to find and interview people for the property.

“I think I am a good judge of character,” he said. Even though I have a rational and scientific mind, dealing with people is different I judge based on an inner feeling.”

Although he juggles three jobs, Brewster says he is still kind of “coasting through,” life.

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